My obsession is related to the connection between self-identity and the space we inhabit.

A personal recurring experience of self-detachment through time in space triggered the need to explore the emotional path that someone goes through when they have to live in different places for a length of time. It had me questioning the word home as well as how the emotional connotations attached to it become weaker or stronger, depending on the scenario which we relate it to. This element has a become integral to my work due to my life experiences and my own attachment to places and people.

I think I can be easily affected by the environment and although I consider myself very easy to adapt to new spaces and situations, the ones which I can’t connect to are the ones often stick with me the longest.

But ultimately, this is my own way to deep in the clouds that form in my mind from time to time, to understand them and to reconcile with them

This forest is somewhere far, sometimes it vanishes and appears from time to time in a different place.It’s blue like if it was always winter, but it’s just an appearance.

I'm not sure if I will ever find another place to move.

To be honest, I don't think there is any better.

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